Food Safety

The Safe Foodhandler

  • Proper Handwashing
  • Proper Hand Care
  • Proper Glove Use
  • Personal Cleanliness & Proper Attire
  • Employee Illness

The Flow of Food: Storage

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination During Storage
  • Preventing Time-Temperature Abuse During Storage
  • Storing Food at the Proper Temperature
  • Important Storage Practices

The Flow of Food: Preparation

  • Thawing Food Properly
  • Preparing Food Safely
  • Preparing Specific Types of Food
  • Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures
  • Cooling and Reheating Food
  • How Food Can Become Unsafe
  • How Food Can Become Contaminated
  • Before You Come to Work
  • When and How to Wash Your Hands
  • How to Calibrate a Thermometer
  • How to Store Food Properly
  • Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures
  • Proper Temperatures for Hot- and Cold-Holding
  • Proper Ways to Serve Food
  • Proper Ways to Cool Food
  • Cleaning vs. Sanitizing
  • How to Clean and Sanitize in a Three-Compartment Sink


ServSafe® Essentials, Fifth Edition Table of Contents

Unit 1 The Food Safety Challenge

Chapter 1 Providing Safe Food

* Foodborne Illness
* Preventing Foodborne Illness

Chapter 2 The Microworld

* Pathogens
* Viruses
* Bacteria
* Parasites
* Fungi
* Biological Toxins

Chapter 3 Contamination and Food Allergens

* Contamination
* Food Allergens

Chapter 4 The Safe Foodhandler

* How Foodhandlers Can Contaminate Food
* A Good Personal Hygiene Program

Unit 2 The Flow of Food through the Operation

Chapter 5 The Flow of Food: An Introduction

* Hazards in the Flow of Food
* Monitoring Time and Temperature

Chapter 6 The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving and Storage

* General Purchasing and Receiving Principles
* Storing

Chapter 7 The Flow of Food: Preparation

* Preparation
* Cooking Food
* Cooling and Reheating Food

Chapter 8 The Flow of Food: Service

* Holding Food
* Serving Food

Unit 3 Food Safety Management Systems, Facilities, and Pest Management

Chapter 9 Food Safety Management Systems

* Food Safety Management Systems
* Crisis Management

Chapter 10 Sanitary Facilities and Equipment

* Designing a Sanitary Operation
* Interior Requirements for a Sanitary Operation

Chapter 11 Cleaning and Sanitizing

* Cleaning and Sanitizing
* Dishwashing
* Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Operation

Chapter 12 Integrated Pest Management

* The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program
* Working with a Pest Control Operator (PCO)

Unit 4 Food Safety Regulations and Employee Training

Chapter 13 Food Safety Regulation and Standards

* Government Regulation of Food Service Operations
* Inspections

Chapter 14 Employee Food Safety Training

* Food Safety Training for Staff
* Training Delivery Methods

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