Developed by our industry to meet today’s challenges.

Why is ServSafe Alcohol® always the right decision? In short, it sets the standard for responsible alcohol service training. Take a closer look at the program and it’s easy to see why.
Based on a model of success.

ServSafe Alcohol® is vital, practical and current responsible alcohol service training. It implements the same approach ServSafe® pioneered for the industry’s most recognized food safety training and certification. That makes ServSafe Alcohol® a smart training solution for every operation and every classroom.
Real-world expertise makes a real difference.

The ServSafe Alcohol® program was developed with input from experts in the restaurant, legal, regulatory, academic, insurance, medical and law enforcement fields. Together, they determined the tasks that the front-of-the-house needs to know. It’s a holistic approach that helps assure everyone has the training they need to serve alcohol responsibly.
The most current and comprehensive training solution.

ServSafe Alcohol® includes the latest studies and science-based information, explores real-world situations and makes it all engaging and accessible with the latest instructional design techniques.
Today’s biggest issues are brought to the forefront.

Lessons cover essential information, including alcohol laws and responsibilities, evaluating intoxication levels, dealing with difficult situations and checking identification.

Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility

* Your Responsibility as a Seller or Server of Alcohol
* The Role of the Liquor Authority
* Laws Restricting Alcohol Service

Chapter 2: Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication

* Alcohol and the Body
* Assessing a Guest’s Level of Intoxication
* Preventing Guests from Becoming Intoxicated

Chapter 3: Checking Identification

* Acceptable Forms of Identification
* Verifying Identification
* When to Check IDs
* The Proper Procedure for Checking IDs
* Using ID Readers
* Dealing with a Fake ID

Chapter 4: Handling Difficult Situations

* Handling Intoxicated Guests
* Handling Potentially Violent Situations
* Handling Illegal Activities
* Documenting Incidents

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ServSafe® Alcohol Four Hour Course: $135.00 per student.

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